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Your Team does not follow the process 🤐

Your Team does not follow the process. Not because they do not trust you, but because they do not know the vision and reason behind it.

Three major reasons of why Teams sometimes struggle to follow process :

1. Lack of Clarity:

When the vision is not effectively communicated or understood by team members, they may feel disconnected from the purpose of their work. Without a clear understanding of how their contributions fit into the bigger picture, team members may become disengaged and fail to see the importance of following the prescribed processes.

2. Misalignment of Goals:

When team members do not comprehend the desired outcomes and objectives, they may prioritize different aspects of their work or pursue divergent paths. As a result, adherence to the established process becomes secondary to individual interpretations of what should be achieved. This lack of alignment can lead to confusion, duplication of efforts, and ultimately, a failure to follow the agreed-upon processes.

3. Inspiring a Shared Vision:

Leaders should communicate the vision clearly, emphasizing the purpose and the expected outcomes. Engaging in regular dialogue and providing context can help team members connect their individual tasks to the overarching vision. Moreover, leaders must actively involve team members in the process of defining and refining processes, fostering a sense of ownership and accountability.


Teams that do not follow processes often suffer from a fundamental misunderstanding of the vision they are meant to realize. By ensuring that team members have a clear understanding of the vision and its connection to the processes they are expected to follow, leaders can empower their teams to work more efficiently and effectively.

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