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Learn the art of People Engagement in this 3-hour Master Class

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What is People Management?

People Management is a skill to work, integrate and socialize with people around you to achieve Growth. Effective people management requires a range of skills, including leadership, communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and strategic thinking.

Why People Management is Important?

  • For Employer, it helps to create a positive environment that lead to productive Employees

  • For Employee, it helps them to understand the mindset of Employers and grow Faster

  • For Founders, it helps to connect better with Client & Investors, and result in a mutual Growth

What will you Learn?

Module 1: 

Emotional Quotient

Module 3: 

Conflict Management

Module 5: 

Social Capital

Module 2: 

Team Management

Module 4: 

Stakeholder Management

Module 6: 

Story Telling


Karan Chandwani  in  

Finance Manager

Learnings from this class changed the perspective on looking at many things

  • Way to Introduce yourself

  • Managing Team

  • The best way to manage conflict 

  • Importance of Giving it back to the Society by focusing on being helpful

Harshil Bhatt  in  

Business Analyst

During the Masterclass, Manoj shared his personal experiences and presented practical case studies, imparting valuable knowledge and wisdom. We had engaging conversations and a lot of fun throughout the session, but above all, it was an incredibly productive learning experience.

Vinkal Tailor  in  

Project Manager

Learned valuable strategies and best practices for fostering high-performing teams, effective communication, and boosting employee engagement. Excited to apply these learnings to drive success in my organization. Grateful to Manoj for delivering an exceptional master class on people management! Thank you for the inspiration and empowering us to create positive change.

Denish Rana  in  

Software Developer

Sunday morning can be 10x productive than normal days. That's what happened to me yesterday when I signed up for Manoj Adwani's People Management Master Class. This 3-4 hours Sunday morning workshop changed my whole perspective on Making connections, Talking with people,  Working with them, Introducing yourself and much more.


Q. Will I get the invoice for payment?

A. Yes, send a request to with billing and payment details. An invoice will be emailed to you within 48 hours.

Q. Is the Class in Hindi or English?

A. It will be in Hinglish, mix of both languages.

Q. Will there be a Q/A round?

A. Yes, there will be Q/A round at the end of every Module.

Q. Will snacks be served during the Class?

A. Yes, High Tea and Snacks will be served during the Break between Modules 🙂

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