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Enroll your Employees for Project Management and transform them into 
Efficient Professionals.


This is scheduled at

your Office


4 Weeks
(3 Hours per week)


₹ 10,000 

per person


Professionals Trained


Companies Served


Star Rating

(based on Actual Reviews)


What is PEPC?

PEPC(read as Pepsi) is a 'Project Management' framework with 4 modules where 

  • stands for Planning,

  • E for Execution,

  • P for People Management and

  • C for Communication.



The basic difference between an average and a good professional is how he/she does the specific task. This course will bridge this gap and make your Employee an efficient professional.

Who should attend this course?

Ideal for IT Professionals (Developer, Tester, Designer, Marketers, Team Lead etc.) with at-least 1 year of industry experience who want to become process-oriented and/or looking for progress in their role.

Week 1: 


Learn the important ingredients of Planning from Scoping to Closure.


Topics to be covered:

  • Scoping

  • Schedule Management

  • Resource Management

  • Governance

  • Closure

Followed by Assignment 

Week 3:

People Management

Learn the art of managing your subordinates, your boss, your clients, and your stakeholders.


Topics to be covered:

  • Emotional Quotient

  • Team Management

  • Conflict Management

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Building Social Capital


Followed by Assignment 

Week 2:


Learn about the most challenging phase of the project lifecycle where tasks are put into action.


Topics to be covered:

  • Monitoring

  • Issue Management

  • Change Management

  • Quality Management

  • Documentation

Followed by Assignment 

Week 4:


Learn to communicate your work and report it in an organized way for better decision making.


Topics to be covered:

  • Verbal Communication

  • Effective Email Writing

  • Reporting

  • Presentation

  • Story Telling


Followed by Assignment 


Vivek Jaiswal  in  

Software Developer

I got clarity on how to plan and execute  considering all the risks, and make the work successful. I understood how to communicate with others and the value of understanding others.

Jatin Lathiya  in 

Product Designer

This course is very helpful. It gives detailed insights on how to do task management and time management. The most important part was the tips on effective communication.

Datio  in  

IT Company

Dataio recently had the pleasure of having Manoj Adwani train our employees with his PEPC course. He is a powerhouse of talent, energy, and great advice for everyone. He did not only train our team to become efficient professionals but also left them with a lot of anecdotes, lessons, and values to be cherished through the rest of their careers.

Milan Gupta  in  

Project Manager

The course is well designed with detailed insights on lot of topics that makes person well organized. It can change you completely as how you execute your work by planning things better. The communication and group activity carried out during the program helps to understand the energy of team work.

WebOsmotic  in  

IT Company

The course is designed to provide participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in project and people management. We would like to thank Manoj Adwani for providing such an informative and practical course with his real-life stories attached to it. We would encourage other organizations to consider enrolling their employees in the PEPC course, as we believe it can provide significant benefits for both individuals and organizations.

Komal Patil  in 

Talent Manager 

Each and every point covered in the course was very useful at professional level. For me, People Management was the best part since it is very close to my role and I really got some useful insights.

Sweety Gandhi  in  


The well-structured curriculum and use of real-life stories exceeded my expectations. The hands-on assignments, which involved team collaboration, were particularly beneficial. Your ability to relate all topics to real-life stories was noteworthy, making the learning experience more enjoyable and memorable. Your teaching style has left a lasting impression on me and I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from you.

Sarthak Bhasin  in 


With this course, I learned a simple and effective way to use the PEPC process and ways to reduce my effort to manage my team and work more efficiently.

Be Effective. Be Efficient.

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