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Learn the Basics Of Starting a Start-up in this 3-hour Live Course

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3 hours


₹ 999

What is BOSS?

BOSS stands for "Basics of Starting a Start-up". This course has been prepared after going through the struggle myself and speaking to more than 100 founders I met through the community.


Many of us aspire to do the start-up but lack the necessary knowledge. This course will provide you the starting point and will save you significant time and energy, which can otherwise get wasted in figuring out basic information.

Course Content

Module 1: 


  • What exactly is a Start-up and why should you pursue one?

  • Validate your Idea with minimum resources.

  • Create the first MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and get feedback from early adopters.

  • Q&A

Module 3: 


  • Understand Equity, Share, ESOPs and Investments.

  • When and how to  raise the fund?

  • Create a compelling Pitch Deck that helps you convert.

  • Q&A

Module 2: 


  • Find the right co-founder and team with a similar vision.

  • What type of company should you form and when?

  • Start-up Terminologies you must know as a Founder.

  • Q&A

Module 4: 


  • What are various communities you can join and how to leverage on it? 

  • Corporate Initiative you can be part of.

  • Government Initiatives you can get advantage from.

  • Q&A

Every participant will get certificate of Completion


Vishal Godhwani  in 

Founding Team

I love the initiative, especially for freshers and college students. This can be a great starter for them. The content covered was in detail. The presentation was interactive and I liked how you push everyone to talk :)

Drashti Savaliya


Course covered all fundamentals from scratch and really helpful for entrepreneurs at the beginning or in initial stages.

Abhilash Banerjee


Understood a lot about what to expect from start up in the initial period.

Naitik Patel  in 


The workshop gave good summary of how startup and its founders should approach. The workshop is good starting point for those who wish to start a startup.

Start your Start-up journey with BOSS

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