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Thinking of a Startup?

Take the following steps based on your current stage in order to progress:

Stage 1: 
You want to do a startup, but do not have any idea yet

  • Wait for a decent idea to strike. Keep looking around 

  • Till then work with some other startup to learn the nuances of how to run a startup. 

  • Find a co-founder, you always need a partner in crime.

Stage 2:
You have a Startup Idea, but do not know your Customer

  • Figure out your Ideal Customer Persona (ICP).

  • Do not build the product until you know who to sell and how to sell.

Stage 3:
You know your Customer, but have not spoken to them yet

  • Speak to at least 100 potential customers, before you start building Product.

  • Try to sell the idea/concept to your ICP and if possible ask for some advance money. 

Stage 4:
Your Idea is Validated but you are yet to build the MVP

  • Only if compulsory, build a very small MVP that explains the whole concept you are envisioning.

Stage 5:
You got the MVP

  • Now you are ready for next step. Start approaching with all the details you have gathered so far to Incubator/Industry Expert/ Mentor/ Angel Investor

Remember that these steps are general guidelines, and your specific situation may require adjustments. Continuously reassess your progress and adapt your approach accordingly.

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